Wee Wear 4 Pets


The CUTEST pet wear CUSTOM MADE to fit any pet that needs and LOVES to be warm.

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About Wee Wear 4 Pets

One cold January day in 2008 we adopted our first Italian Greyhound. Five weeks later we adopted our second.  We could not find anything for them to wear that fit their small, deep-chested bodies. So, I decided to try and make some myself. Thus, Wee Wear 4 Pets was started.  I now make all kinds of fun things for any pet that needs and loves to be warm.


Contact me......I can make any item shown in any fabric, in any color.  If you don't see a fabric you like, I can try and find one for you.  It's all about keeping the dogs warm and making you happy.

Dallas, Blue, Luna and Colt  2015

Dallas & Blue - Our First IGs

igs in outfits (2) our iggy quad